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[X] Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
[X] Fraggle Rock
[ ] G.I. Joe
[X] Are You Afraid of the Dark?
[X] Secret World of Alex Mack
[X] The Adventures of Pete and Pete
[X] Hey Dude
[X] Bug Juice
[X] Nightmare Before Christmas
[X] Welcome Freshman
[X] Space Cases...the girl from saturn was my favourite :o)
[X] Roundhouse
[X] The Muppet Show
[X] Muppet Babies
[X] Eureka's Castle
[X] Salute Your Shorts
[X] Legends of the Hidden Temple
[X] You Can't Do That On Television
[X] G.U.T.S.
[X] What Would You Do?
[X] Double Dare
[X] Rocko's Modern Life
[X] All That
[X] Ren and Stimpy
[X] Clarissa Explains It All
[X] The Torklesons
[X] The Adventures of Pete and Pete same as S.Y.S
[X] Stick Stickley Write to me, Stick Stickley, PO Box 963, NYC, NY State, 10108
[X] Goodburger
[X] Angry Beavers
[X] Hey Arnold!
[X] AAH! Real Monsters
[X] Tiny Toons
[X] Animaniacs
[X] Pinky and the Brain
[X] The Babysitter's Club
[X] Underdog
[X] Kablam!
[X] Gullah Gullah Island
[X] Richard Scarry ((Tiny town show))
[X] Dumbo's Circus
[ ]Ocean Girl
[X] Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
[ ] Snick Snacks
[X] Dunkaroos
[ ] Koala Yummies
[X] Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
[X] Nick Magazine
[X] The Goonies
[X] Ernest Movies
[ ] Radio Flyer
[ ] Disney Watchers
[X] So Weird
[X] Adventures in Wonderland
[X] Homeward Bound
[ ] The Adventures of Yellow Dog
[ ] Milo and Otis
[X] Neverending Story
[X] Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
[X] The Lion King
[X] Labyrinth... :o*
[X] 101 Dalmations
[X] The Secret Garden
[X] Pete's Dragon
[X] Hocus Pocus
[ ] Secret of Roan Inish
[X] Land Before Time
[X] Dinosaurs
[X] Fern Gully
[X] Secret of NIMH
[X] Gummi Bears
[X] Care Bears
[X] My Little Pony
[X] Black Beauty
[X] Rainbow Brite
[ ] Lady Lovely Locks
[X] Candyland
[X] Sorry!
[ ] Trouble
[X] Don't Wake Daddy
[X] Mousetrap
[X] Jenga
[X] Don't Break the Ice
[X] Hungry Hungry Hippos
[X] Pretty Pretty Princess
[ ] Tinker Toys
[X] Cooties
[ ] The castles that made tea sets
[X] Polly Pocket
[ ] Hypercolor T-Shirts
[X] Lite Brite
[X] Sky Dancers
[X] Scrunchies
[X] Stirrup Pants
[X] Jellies
[X] Saddle Shoes
[X] Barbies
[X] Beanie Babies
[X] Tamagotchies
[X] Yo-Yos
[ ] Duncans
[ ] Choose Your Own Adventure
[X] Pogs
[X] Goosebumps
[ ] Magic Attic Club
[X] American Girl
[X] Island of the Blue Dolphin...this was my favorite book when i was 'lil
[X] Saved By The Bell
[X] Full House
[X] Step By Step
[X] Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
[X] Boy Meets World
[X] Clueless
[X] Mork and Mindy
[X] Simpsons
[X] Flipper
[X] Growing Pains
[ ] Family Ties
[X] Titanic
[ ] Felix The Cat: The Movie
[X] Jonathan Taylor Thomas
[X] Home Improvement
[X] Tom and Huck
[ ] My Brother and Me
[X] Kenan and Kel
[X] Hanson
[X] Inspector Gadget
[X] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
[X] Power Rangers
[X] Hot Wheels
[X] Creepy Crawlers
[X] Easy Bake Oven
[X] Flower Making Kits
[X] Wild and Crazy Kids
[ ] Playdough McDonald's Sets
[X] Animorphs
[ ] Rainbow Fish
[ ] If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
[ ] Bailey School Kids
[ ] Wayside School
[ ] Ramona Quimby
[ ] Amber Brown
[X] Allegra's Window
[ ] 3-2-1 Contact
[X] The brave little toaster
[X] Bananas In Pajamas
[X] One Saturday Morning on ABC
[X] Transformers
[X] Spice Girls
[X] Waynes World
[X] The dancing baby
[X] nancy drew novels
[X] catdog
[ ] shamomo the cat
[X] captain planet
[X] Face
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